AP less WPA/WPA2 hacking

I see no one talk about this attack so i have added it


Welcome to the community @ravanaastra!

We do have AP less WPA/WPA2 cracking in the beta list along client-less WEP cracking. We recently made WPA3 lab but couldn’t find any scanner/tool that could actually detect a WPA3 network. So, first would be WPA3 lab. Since our main focus is to provide real-world network-security based exercises whilst explaining what and how (coming soon) of attacks and protocols.

You can expect the above mentioned labs within the month of beta i.e this month, October. But we have to test it first completely before release.

Thanks for the link though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link dude!! I have been playing CTFs and done some HTB boxes but haven’t really stepped into wifi cracking scene and was totally clueless with the labs. Hopefully I can attempt them now. Please share any more resources that you have for beginners.