Can't Access Lab (Signup Email Different than Gmail Address)

Hi team,

I’m having trouble logging into the lab. I found the previous “Can’t access lab” post and it appears we’re using a while list for access, which outlines the issue quite well.

My official gmail address is different than the email address I signed up with (an alias).

Can we whitelist my main email address as well?

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Yes, we can. Please PM me the gmail address you want to whitelist.

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I am having the same problem. Sent you an email 10 hours ago about it.

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I did add you to the whitelist before receiving the email. I accidentally skipped the email. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

You registered email address is whitelisted. Let me know in the PM if you tried another email address

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Is it possible to sign into the lab without using google services, I love to use the account that I’m using for the forum. Hopefully you can help me too.

John, for the sake of simplicity and user data security we decided early-on to only accept google-authenticated users during the first few months of operations.

As the beta matures, we’ll be implementing Single-sign on feature across labs and forums. That’ll allow you to sign-in to the labs and have the forums automatically logged in using both current and a secondary (labs) email ID.

Meanwhile can you try editing your current email ID with your desired one in your profile preferences? Let me know of that works for you. In case of disaster, reach me on