Dark Theme lovers here?

We started off developing the rootsh3ll Labs frontend like any other webapp with some inherent UI/UX understanding. Considered working on a dark theme, but UI would've taken longer to develop than the, rather simple, white-themed interface.

and it was simple for us to build the forum under our beloved dark theme since from our past experiences (earlier private forums) we had the dark theme working, with minor edits. So, you can right away select your theme of choice on the forums.

We offer 2 themes, named: Dark Theme, the default one. and the Light Theme. You can switch between either of them using the hamburger menu.

Choose Dark/Light Theme

So here we are, for rootsh3ll Labs mainline interface. Looking for your views on the dark themed dashboard.

For instance the current dashboard looks like this:

Light Theme

being the frontend developer and a designer/artist by heart I feel a strong urge to talk about dark theme with you and see if you’d like the following version of dark themed dashboard.

Dark Theme

Basic design rule of a dark theme tell us to keep the background… well, in the background. That means background should not interfere with the eyes. it should only help in highlighting the content. Coupled with a relatively brighter foreground of the content that we want to highlight.

So, I kept it like that only. pitch black on navigation bar, slightly reduced opacity on background. Halved the opacity for cards, further halved the opacity for buttons.

This created an organised hierarchy of content over a darker background.

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