Feedback for the FIrst Lab

Hi everyone!

I enjoyed the first lab, it was a fun exercise.
So here is my feedback:

  • The GUI was faster than expected (non-US user)
  • The terminal was pretty fast
  • The only problem I faced is that I can’t submit the flag, maybe it’s my fault though. The instructions state ‘scan the subnet and report the details to the administrator via Verify Flags section’ so I submitted my nmap scan, but it’s still ‘loading’.

Overall great first lab!

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Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. Glad that you found the interface fast :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the one launch-time blunder we made. We didn’t intend the lab to require an nmap scan, but only the WPA2 password flag. To keep it simple for the beginner.

Just to confirm you cracked the password, can you enter the cracked WPA2 password in :black_flag: Verify Flag section and see if you get a success notification?

Make sure not to reveal the password, yet :slight_smile: Just the Verify Flag notification.

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Yeap, that did it, I imagined

Can’t wait for more labs!

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Awesome! How long did it take you to crack the key and get into the network?

Sidenote: I am creating a MEGATHREAD post.

I would like you to join that thread and become one of the first people who solved the labs.

Maybe 10-15 minutes, I had to brush up my wifi cracking tool commands.

That would be my pleasure!