Getting Started - rootsh3ll Labs Beta

Welcome to rootsh3ll Labs Beta Program.

The Beta Program is intended to run during the month of October.

During the beta run you’d be provided exclusive access to rootsh3ll Labs where you’d find a simple dashboard with a list of currently active labs, a profile page and dedicated labs page.

Current State of Lab

We have created a “happy-case” for the beta testing, that mean good-enough to have an idea about how the website would look like and how the labs will operate.

When on the labs’ details page you’d see a “Start” button to activate the current lab.
It currently takes around 1 minute 15 seconds to configure the lab. and we are working towards making it faster. We think we can do it under 30 seconds total.
So, here’s for time.

Exercises offered

I (@rootsh3ll) have been a wireless security teacher for about 6 years. Majority of my recent experiences are related to WiFi security only.

So, we’ll be offering WiFi hacking labs in the beginning with instructions and solutions manual on labs’ details page for you to test the complete lab scenario and provide feedback here (#beta:feedback) based on your experience.

Disclaimer: You don’t need a WiFi adapter to complete the labs. We have built world’s first simulated WiFi hacking lab environment where you can perform wireless pentests on real-world like scenarios with your favourite WiFi pentesting tools like Aircrack-ng, Bettercap, Kismet etc. You only need a browser, ever!

Over time we’ll be building labs based on what the community votes for the most.

We’ll be starting rolling first Beta on October 1st. Meanwhile you can read other topics, or explain your career-goals here to help us understand what kind of labs we need to build first.
Every response makes the decision clearer. :slight_smile:

You can reply to this thread if you have further questions