[MEGATHREAD] Beta 1 - Lab 4 Feedback

Greeting to all!

We just released our fourth lab and are very excited to share it with you all !

Like other 3 labs, this one is not a continuation to the wifi hacking series but a rather standalone exercise.

We are calling it “Hacking Remote WiFi”. a.k.a AP-less WPA2 Cracking

In this lab we aim to teach you how to tackle a situation where you have access to the target wireless client but not the target access point. Usually when you have both, you end up performing either a Man in the Middle (MITM) attack or a forceful authentication by disconnecting the connected client. What would you do if you have only a client and no AP to perform deauth on?

That’s what this exercise aims for. As a wireless pen-tester you must be prepared for situations like this and practice is the only way forward.

That will help you understand how wireless client behaves in both associated and un-associated states. Which will give you a good head-start towards the hardening of you own network.

>> Click to login and play lab 4 <<

As a Mega thread, please use it to provide your feedback based on following questions:

  1. How difficult was it for you? on a scale of 1-10.
  2. How much time it took you to solve the exercise? mind sharing a screenshot of “Verify Flag” section confirmation.
  3. Was it real-world enough? If not, please suggest.
  4. What was the best and the worst thing about the lab?
  5. Suggestions?

We hope you find the labs useful. Please use this thread to share your ideas about a lab you want to see at rootsh3ll Labs :slight_smile:

I apologize for my bad english.

Preliminary I have not had too much experience in Wifi Hacking, so I’m still a beginner.

  1. The difficulty I would say on 2-3 / 10.
  2. My connection from USA (Germany) was a bit laggi but on the whole good.
  3. Through the wiki linking, however, I quickly understood this task and could easily solve it.
  4. I am looking forward to the next task.

Greetings from Germany

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Many congratulations on your first lab Eric!

The next task I’d suggest you is lab 1 and 3. Although, lab 3 includes both lab 1 and 2 to be solved, if not already, you’d learn the basic wifi cracking in lab 1 and exploiting into networks and pivoting into subnets to exfiltrate data in lab 3.

So I suggest you to do it in 2 parts since lab time is set to 3 hours each before lab termination. Easy steps, but worth it.

Since you are a beginner in wifi hacking, you might face problem connecting to the AP. Here’s a primer for you on How to connect WiFi from Terminal

Hope you enjoy the labs :slight_smile: