Update Your Bio

As a community, if we use our bio as a way to connect and allow people to connect to us in a more profound way we should start with ourselves.

I have updated mine. Just a little line is enough to get started. You may update it over time. But starting is important.

Maybe updating your info and website link allows you to meet the best person ever or maybe a really valuable service provider/consultant or vice-versa. But we must have it in place at least, right?

Below are the instructions to update the bio.


  1. Go to profile icon on the upper right.
  2. Click :gear: icon
  3. Select profile on the left sidebar
  4. Update info

Even I don’t know how to use your bio to connect with people, hence mine is very short. I am open for suggestions to improve it.

One thing that I have seen is that having a profile picture makes the conversation much valuable in our perception. I have seen the difference in conversations with a display picture on and off. I am sure you must have seen it too, maybe here as well.

I feel a completely different, very authentic and real in the sense of talking to a real person and not a random person on the Internet.

If you agree, would you mind putting on a display picture too?
I am 100% sure you’ll start loving this place even more :slight_smile: